Partnering for Raul

In our goal to get local churches and Cru missionaries working together to reach young people, Full Sail University has been one of my guinea pigs.  It is my hope that Cru leaders on other campuses will see what’s going on there and begin to reproduce similar relationships with local churches near them until EVERY campus is working closely with local believers to win, build and send students for Jesus Christ.

So far, I’ve seen about a dozen churches connect to the campus for one-time or ongoing ministry with the students, but no one has invested more in these students than Pastor Red (pictured on the left).  He dedicates at least two hours every Friday to feed, pray for, and encourage the young men and women passing through the campus on their busy ways.  I’ve gotten to help Pastor Red team up with Steve Rivera (pictured right). Steve (along with a team he has recruited) volunteers his time outside of the Jesus Film master studio to share the gospel here at his alma mater.  These two warriors of love are a consistent presence and blessing on the campus.

This month, Pastor Red and I had the opportunity to speak to newly-trained Cru staff members about what partnership can look like.  The new missionaries were blown away.  Many of them have a heart for similar partnership but weren’t sure it could work or how to get started. God used us to give them hope and ideas!

After we parted, Pastor Red went to Full Sail where he and Steve immediately entered a conversation with a film student named Raul.  Raul then prayed to invite Jesus into his life!  Praise God for Raul, Steve, Pastor Red, and partnerships!

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