NJ Students Share their Faith

One of the first chances we have to meet new students each year is at a college’s Club Fair.  Many student groups try to draw students in, but few offer the hope of Jesus and a fun/safe community that will walk with them through college and beyond.

In NJ, students (like Ben here from Kean) and staff on about 20 campuses gave out 15,000 items to students.  Bibles, water bottles, bags, and books (like “The Case for Christ”) help connect students to the Gospel through the Scriptures or EveryStudent.com which answers questions about God and spiritual things. Think of that, up to 15,000 students each with the opportunity to hear about the hope they can have in Christ, and to experience meaningful conversations and relationship!

At Rutgers alone, over 150 students connected with Cru through the summer orientation and the club fair.  Some of them were looking for us, including Ray who was involved in Cru at his High School (yes, we have a high school ministry too, and you can help bring it to your town)!  We’re looking forward to the experience that he has to offer to the ministry this year.  Some students had never heard of Cru and were curious to learn more about Christ, including Karina who came out with a friend!  Please be praying for NJ staff and students who are following up with the many contacts we’ve received on campuses all over the state.  Pray especially for our staff team there which only has 4 full-time missionaries representing over 20 campuses!  More than ever, we need you as believers from the local church to step in and help us reach the young people in your communities.  Contact me to explore what this could look like for you personally!

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