Making a difference in NYC

I met Diana Edwards at a conference in Orlando for Actors, Models and Talent for Christ!  My goal there was to meet and bless young Christian performers to be missionaries to their spheres of influence.

Diana is an amazing woman who served in the NY transit system for decades, starting bible studies with her coworkers and even building a beautiful ministry for women called SistasFlow.

She said she felt the Lord leading her to work with children and wondered what that would look like.  I was excited to share an after-school program Cru equips churches to run in cities called S.A.Y. Yes!  which is part of our inner city movement.

I was thrilled to find out that she has connected with my admirable friend, Glen (Pictured here).  After training with him, she has now become the volunteer deployment coordinator.

She texted me these pictures just a few weeks ago of their latest work, distributing “Boxes of Love” throughout the city which provide a Thanksgiving dinner and essentials of clothes and hygiene supplies to those who desperately need them.  Every box is presented along with the gospel and you can hear an amazing story of a life transformed this way.

God is doing incredible things in many cities in addition to New York City through a strong partnership with beautiful churches and beloved people like Diana.  You can find out more about Cru NYC here.

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