Reaching Students in Brooklyn

One of my favorite aspects about the Kingdom of God is encountering more of our brothers and sisters who are dedicated to God’s rescue mission.  Pastor Paul contacted me recently about helping to launch a Cru movement at Brooklyn College, and I’ve been so blessed to work with him!

Starting any ministry in the city is no simple task, but it becomes much more natural when p

artnering with God’s children who are invested in that community.  Pastor Paul has a heart for prayer and a powerful vision to reach the young people near his church, which is just blocks away from the college.  He sees it as an opportunity to stretch his church in the area of evangelism as well.  I have been coaching Pastor Paul through the first steps of building a campus ministry, as the NYC Cru team had not yet had capacity to expand to that campus or to work with additional volunteers.  Now that Cru is launching a new staff team in Brooklyn, I am excited to see how Paul’s church can be a home base for them to reach multiple schools for Christ!  Pray for Pastor Paul and the students of NYC!

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