What God’s Been Teaching Us – Pure and Simple

At a recent conference we got to hear from Tony and Felicity Dale, authors of The Rabbit and the Elephant.  While their model was primarily directed toward church-planting, a lot of what they said transfers to the campus ministry and to our own lives.

Did you know that an elephant pregnancy lasts two years?  So, in best cases, 2 elephants become 3 after two years.  In the same amount of time, 2 rabbits become 1,369!  This “conservative” estimate is based on the fact that they can have a new litter (of up to 14 bunnies) every month.  Not only that, but baby rabbits are ready to reproduce in only half a year!

What’s the point?  Smaller things can multiply faster.  In fact, in 2 Cor 11:3 Paul is concerned that the devil would trick them away from the “pure and simple” devotion to Christ.  In ministry terms, we can take a page from Jesus’ book.  He frequently sent people out to speak for Him who were no kind of biblical scholars (look at the examples of His champions on the left)!  In Luke 10, Jesus sends out 36 pairs of missionaries and in verse 2, He gives them this very simple instruction, “pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out (violently shove) laborers into his harvest.”  Would you pair up with someone and commit to praying that sentence every day (perhaps at 10:02 on the clock :)?  See what God does!

On a personal note, we too can get bogged down by overcomplicating things.  In loving God and loving others, follow the words of Gandalf, “generous deed should not be checked by cold counsel.”

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