As part of an effort to partner with a network of churches in building a new gospel movement at Florida Gulf Coast University, I (Jeff) was blessed with the opportunity to attend a 2-day conference called DiscipleShift.  There were a lot of neat ideas shared, including how they use the powerful method of Bible Storying to unpack the week’s sermon in all their Life Groups.  What stood out to me most of all through the weekend, though, was the importance of celebration.  This is not something I’ve done very well.

The Bible says a lot about celebration, God even commands us to remember the good things in our life by throwing parties!  In my own strategic, always-looking-forward mind, I often forget to stop and make a big deal about people and what they & God have accomplished.  Let’s spend less time reaching for the next thing (which only God can accomplish anyway) and more time rejoicing in the people and blessings God has already given us!

  • Plan daily and special times of celebration
  • Dedicate everything to God and thank Him for it
  • Lead with joy (and maybe a gentle prank or two 🙂
  • Claim the promises of God (especially His promise to forgive)
  • Invest in God’s people

Watch this beautiful video on the art of celebration: youtu.be/VamJCsYMFBg

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