Cartoons for Christ?

Talk about a “team effort!” God had us link arms with two local churches, a city art ministry (Evoke), and the school’s Christian Filmmakers group to bring Columbian animator Jonathan Hernandez to speak on campus about faith and art.

Jonathan got them laughing as we all shared our favorite cartoons growing up and why we liked them.  He went on to talk about how coming to Christ brought a new purpose to his own art and career.  Students engaged throughout (some, like William below, even stepping outside with Pastor Red to talk more deeply) and hung around afterward with questions.  This has led to several new members (like Daniel on the bottom left) growing in their faith at our weekly bible study as well as plugging in at church!

Please pray that we are able to continue to build bridges with other ministries around the country, and that our college students see that and are drawn to Jesus because of it!

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