Reaching Professors

Last semester, our student ministry teamed up with Faculty Commons (our ministry to and through professors) to host a Thank-A-Prof outreach. We set up a table and encouraged passing students to write a thank you note to a favorite professor. As word spread that we were starting a “Movement of Gratitude” on campus, students quickly warmed up to the idea of blessing their professors, who are usually only critiqued and evaluated.

The response was GREAT! We collected 162 cards which we’re delivering this semester, giving us the opportunity to meet new faculty and engage them in relationship and gauge their spiritual interest.

Sally, a professor at UF, was asked to rate her interest in knowing God personally from 0 to 10. After some silence, she said “I can’t answer this now but I reckon I’ll need to answer it sometime.” After assuring her of God’s love for her and His desire for her to know Him personally, Sally gladly accepted C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity” (my favorite book) and an offer to grab coffee and talk more.  Please pray for Professor Sally and the Faculty Commons missionaries working to reach influential educators like her who open doors for us all over the world.

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