The Next Generation

There are few things as encouraging as spending time with people you have poured into and hearing how they have continued to faithfully follow the Lord’s leading. Mike “Butch” Bucceroni is one
of those stories for us.

I (Jeff) got to disciple Butch at Rowan University, teaching him how to walk with the Lord in college, how to lead, and how to share his faith. Butch became a student leader of the Cru movement at Rowan, pouring himself into younger men before graduating.

Now, Butch has joined staff as a full-time missionary with Cru, serving on our conference team (which puts on events like our Big Break mission trip in March that sees hundreds place their faith in Jesus).

Please pray for Butch, for the financial support team he needs to build, for his impact on others, and for his heart as he steps into this wild new chapter in the adventure God has lain out before him

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