Creatively Reaching Creatives

God has called us to offer the good news about His Son to every person and every kind of person.  To that end, Cru has launched movements to young people, athletes, doctors, soldiers, lawyers and the impoverished (to name a few), but we’ve not had a concerted effort to establish a ministry to and through artists and entertainers.  This is something we are working to change.

At the Cru17 staff conference, I hosted a table for those who either are artists and entertainers or have a heart to reach them.  I connected with 29 missionaries with this same interest and we are continuing the conversation as to how God can use us together to pour into this vital part of our society.

One of the powerful ministries already happening is our artist residency program called TransForm in NYC.  Residents become a kind of artist missionary for a year while they learn how to reach their fellow artists.  A project I’ve been developing is a board game based on our animated series “Archivo Cero” (file zero) which will launch conversations and relationships, teaching the Biblical literacy through a choose-your-own adventure!


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