Easter Outreaches

Easter Week was an incredible culmination of hard work and prayer as Karen and I got to participate in two enormous outreaches on campus.

On Wednesday, leaders from 9 different ministries brought our offering to the table in the form of an Easter Service on campus.  I walked the campus, inviting students to grab some free pizza and observe the Holy Week with us through some powerful worship, a pastor’s message, human video dances, spoken word poetry, testimony videos and interactive stations.  Hundreds came and even out on the street I got to have some sweet gospel encounters as students discovered that God was alive and active at their school.

As people arrived they encountered Karen first, who served them pizza and a friendly greeting.  The venue was packed continuously for the three hours and we are still hearing about positive ripple effects right to the top leadership of the school.

The very next day, I got to partner with the founder of the college in hosting a movie screening and discussion of the popular film Ready Player One, which is about the creator of a virtual reality world starting a global online scavenger hunt for an “Easter Egg” containing his inheritance.


400 students and faculty registered!  I got to lead an energetic discussion during the credits and then interview a panel of folks who were connected with the film.  I capped the co

nversation by saying, “I believe the real w


orld has a Creator as well, and His inhe

ritance can be found in a sort of

Easter Egg.”  I then had missionaries and pastors stationed in the wings to invite them to Easter church services and share a gospel


 anime Cru made. Please pray that what God has started will roll on with unstoppable force until every student comes to know Jesus!

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