Ministering on the Campus Level

Karen and I are praying with students and coaching them to build a proliferating movement to saturate their entire school with the life-changing love of Jesus.


This was my role on

a campus a few weeks ago:

“Hey, we’re giving out free pizza in Building E today.”


“Yeah, we’re celebrating Easter with food, music, games, dance and videos.  Go check it out!”

“Heck yeah, we will!”


Faculty and staff (like David to the right) help guide the students in navigating the complexities of student activity requirements, while reaching out to their fellow students boldly.  Local pastors and volunteers (like Pastor Kortney on the left) are able to disciple the students and invite them into a larger multi-generational community where they can grow.

Pray with us that every Christian student would be made aware of peers on campus who are running with Jesus within days of their arrival on campus, before they have a chance to get sucked into different crowds, or even beforehand as prospective students with the help of parents and pastors from back home, and that they would be bold sharing with friends!

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