Ministry Across the Country

   So, you see the heart we have to help students reach their campuses for Christ and our desire to put that in the hands of churches, but Karen and I can by no means do that alone!  We are trying to shift the culture of Cru from doing everything on campus by ourselves to mobilizing and equipping local churches all over the country.

    So, I’ve begun training staff teams on the importance and process of building those kinds of partnerships.  Johnny and Abby Schuler are a perfect example.  Faithfully serving in Miami, my team helped find key student leaders on 13 new campuses in their area this past Fall, way more than this couple could handle.  I hosted an online training with them and their interns with delightful response.  In addition to coaching pastors directly all over the US, I’ve gotten to host these trainings like this in NJ, NY and MO.

     I’m even more excited to introduce you to Ross Olson, who is like me only young and single and traveling all over the country taking this church partnership training to teams in LA, NYC, Boston, AZ, etc.  Please pray for our impact together, and the future of our ministry in partnership with the Church!

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