What God’s Been Teaching Us

All believers are called to share the gospel, it’s not just a job for missionaries and pastors. Sharing the gospel can be done by inviting people to church (John 4:28-30), starting conversations with strangers (Acts 8:26-40) or getting into the lives of friends and family who don’t know Jesus and bringing His love and hope with you in a kind and thoughtful way (John 1:45).

We’ve been trying to stay “in shape” walking with the Lord in all 3 ways of sharing, and that third one has been especially interesting lately. We’ve been pushing ourselves to spend time with folks beyond our church family and Cru friends. We chose a common interest in board games and quickly found a vibrant community in a local shop. Our goal was to simply build authentic friendships with people while also keeping a strong relationship with the Lord. When God is on the throne of your life, He promises to provide the right words (Luke 12:11-12) and the actions (Acts 16:6). We’ve learned a lot about ministering in this culture (like this article) and have more to share next month! But the most important thing we do is pray—in the car on the way there, while in the store, and on the way home. We pray for our new friends by name every time the Lord brings them to mind.

What do you like to do? Does that activity have a local community you could join?

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