Reaching Our Home

Our thousands of students on mission trips around the world are such evidence of how God is on the move without boundaries of age or geography, but 95% of those involved in Cru don’t go away with us on Summer Missions.  We want to encourage the rest to build deep roots with their local churches back home.  Many who came to Christ in college don’t have a Christian family or community in their hometown, so we are trying to help them stay connected and growing while also showing them how to find a church to run with them for a lifetime!  Our best means of doing both is a program called Summer Connect.

Summer Connect is a free program people can participate in as individuals or (even better) in groups.  My absolute favorite is when a local church hosts such a group right in their building and joins in with the young adults in order to build relationships.

Each week of the summer, we’re sending important steps for personal growth and challenges for ministry in the form of videos, emails, social media and other resources.  Participating churches appear as pins in the US map for students to find and attend, where they can watch and discuss the videos together!

This latest video emphasizes the importance for students to be more than mere attendees in their local church.  Check it out and share it with those you know, and pray for these students!

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