Reaching Our World

“One of the teens saw three people indicate faith in Christ when we shared the gospel in a park.  Now she is talking about being a missionary.”

This year 2,911 students are traveling, taking the love and hope of Jesus to the world on over 200 mission trips hosted by Cru.  While the stories for this year won’t come rolling in until they get back, here’s what happened at just one of our locations last year:

Harriet’s (below) was part of the group here at the third of three schools they visited way up in the mountains of Nicaragua near the border with Honduras.  Their team was divided into 3 segments: drama, games, and songs & crafts.


They saw extreme poverty, but also witnessed the love and determination of people to overcome the odds. Many people came to Christ DAILY in schools, hospitals and even the plane ride home (a professional soccer player who sat next to Harriet)!  Of the more than 400 people they shared the gospel with, almost half of them accepted Jesus right on the spot!

Please pray for the seeds that were planted to grow and for our students around the world as they plant, water and harvest what the Lord is doing among those He loved enough to die for! And consider joining us next year 🙂

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