Karen and I have always had a heart for those who influence so many through arts and entertainment.  Recognizing the enormous potential and the intense pressures these folks face, Karen frequently prays for the actors of a movie while she’s watching it, and I’ve always looked for opportunities to help send more of God’s agents well-prepared into this strategic industry.

That said, this latest event sort of fell into our laps :).  Students at a local college had arranged for a well-connected Christian in the film industry to come out and give a seminar on “how to succeed in Hollywood without losing your soul.”  When the school took away their meeting space, they asked for help and we were able to have it hosted at the world headquarters of Cru instead.  What an opportunity to meet and pour into the lives of these incredibly sharp students!  More continues to develop as we form partnerships with Christians in Hollywood and Atlanta.  Please pray for your favorite movie stars as well as the stars of the future, and God’s agents of hope!


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