Fun can be sacred, and a lot of work!  The first weeks of school are by far the most important for college ministry.  Freshmen hit the campus lost, confused and desperate to fit in.  Whom they connect with during those first flailing days often defines much of the trajectory of their school years and beyond.

This is why Cru missionaries and student leaders invest an incredible amount of our time and resources on fun to draw the attention of wide-eyed Freshmen and invite them into the promise of a safe community where they can explore and expand faith in Jesus.  Our role has also been to help get more people involved in this process.

We want to see Freshmen coming onto campus having already made friends with Cru because they were introduced as prospective students by their churches back home.  We want to see local churches welcoming the Freshmen side-by-side with us, so they naturally connect to the multi-generational body of Christ while at school.

     We’ve seen a lot of progress here, with churches even hosting our Cru students’ summer programs and semester planning meetings.  Please pray pray pray for these incoming students to plug in and grow for Jesus, and pray for church partnerships to grow everywhere!

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