Many of the students I work wit

h graduate to head into careers in entertainment.  Just as many students slide in their faith when they get to college, many more can slide when they enter into a culture that is very intense and often hostile toward God.  It’s important to have those who love Jesus and are living on mission with Him to help “unpack your bags” when you enter into a new community of any kind, but especially Hollywood.

This is why I am so blessed to have met Karen Covell of the Hollywood Prayer Network.

A former Cru missionary herself, Karen has been my guide in identifying and building relationships with God’s agents here in “Tinseltown.”  God has not forgotten those who influence the media, and there are several thriving communities of believers who work in TV and the big screen.  I’ve been able to connect with our college graduates out here as well, and many of them are hungry to plug in with believers who understand the industry and how to walk with Jesus and be a light for Him at the same time.  Please join us in praying for Hollywood, these graduates, and the students whose bags they will some day help unpack as well.

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