“THAT’S ME!” yelled Emily, throwing her hands up excitedly.

That was her response when Marissa and Rachel approached her saying, “We are looking for students who are passionate about their faith and want other students to know God and grow. Do you know anyone like that?”

Marissa and Rachel laughed and sat down at the table where Emily had been reading a textbook. It was just her third day at sunny El Camino College in California. “I want to see Christians on campus sharing the gospel and on fire for Jesus,” Emily said, explaining her vision. As Marissa and Rachel presented the Great Commission and the vision of Cru with her, Emily responded: “That’s exactly what I’m about!”

     Emily is one of 500,000 students on 50 college campuses around Los Angeles. I (Jeff) am part of a six week “Expedition” to explore, prayer walk, meet students and, by faith, launch gospel movements at 15 new campuses (including El Camino College, Pasadena City College, Glendale Community College, Cal State LA, LA City College, East LA College, Santa Monica College, and West LA College).

Please pray for me as I help the team engage churches who can help us meet and equip these powerful students.  Pray for logistics and for financial provision.  Also, click here to see more photos from Expedition LA and meet some of our new student leaders!

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