New Life at Fall Retreat

Across the country, ministries from multiple campuses have been teaming up to host fall retreats, a special time of accelerated community and spiritual growth for many students.  Listen in on this neat conversation some students had at one recently!

     There we were, standing close around the fire, when a guy I didn’t know budged into our talking group to roast a marshmallow. Some of us introduced ourselves and he mentioned that “this is the best weekend I think I have ever had ever!” One of the girls from my school exclaimed “Me too! I don’t think I’ve ever had a better weekend!” When I asked them why, the man said “well I’m really new to religion, so this whole Jesus weekend has been really wonderful.”

He had come to know Jesus only a couple of months ago, under extreme circumstances. To this, the girl said “I just met Jesus on Tuesday!”

What a wonderful sight it was for me to witness this exciting conversation between two new believers in Christ. They were both so joyful, telling each other “I’m so glad you found God!”

Please join me in praying for these new Christians, and the many others exploring faith in Jesus in the midst of new community!

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