There I am standing in a sea of what I’m told were 80,000 people attending the Together 2018 conference at the Texas Motor Speedway in October.  What an incredible opportunity to hear from over 40 bands and speakers like Francis Chan, Hillsong and Priscilla Shirer! So why on earth would I stay out of ear-shot most of the time, cooped up in some garage?  The answer is beautiful!

     While many conferences like these suffer from people going back to “normal life” afterward and losing much of what God did in their hearts, we were able to offer another option.  Teaming up with InterVarsity, Chi Alpha, YWAM and several other ministries, we worked side-by-side to create a journey for students to walk through. Here they could explore the next steps God put on their hearts to reach their college, high school and town for Christ.  Watch this time-lapse video of people praying over their communities on a giant world map.

    A highlight for me was meeting Joe and Kayden, both high school students.  After mapping out who in their lives needs to hear the gospel, how to share it, and who could help them, it was my turn to help them plan their next steps.  They texted their youth pastor to hold them accountable to the goals they set. They’re committed to reading the Bible each night, praying more consistently through the Echo Prayer App, asking non-Christian friends the Sometime Question and making friends with Christian students at their future college. What goals will you make?

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