Spring Break in New Orleans

     While on a Spring Break mission trip in New Orleans, Cru students Danielle and Abby were engaging people in conversations when they bumped into Ashley. She had been researching and comparing religions for months by now and was unsure about what is true and what is a fairy tale.  She told Danielle and Abby, “The list of things it seems like I need to do to become God’s child just keeps getting longer.”

Danielle replied, “You know, what Jesus is inviting us to is not rules but a relationship. You could become His child right now by putting your faith in the work Jesus did for you.”  She went on to explain how Jesus’ death on the cross and raising from the dead not only pays for our sins but also lays on us the very righteousness of Jesus, and that this is what makes us his children. She modeled for Ashley what it might sound like in prayer for someone to place their faith in Jesus and become his child.

“Does this express what your heart is wanting?” Danielle asked.

“YES!” Ashley said through a huge smile!

It’s because of conversations like this that we love Cru’s New Orleans Spring Break! Pray for Ashley as we connect her with a local church and campus ministry in town. Pray also for the communities the students served with their ongoing Katrina relief and for the many other students who heard about Jesus’ love that week!

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