Summer Missions

Summer Mission Trip Team in San Diego

Imagine taking 70 of the most spiritually mature, excited college students from around the country and putting them all in one cheap beach motel (6 to a room on old army cots). All the normal distractions of life are replaced with opportunities for spiritual growth and training in outreach. every moment from waking up until late at night is structured to draw you closer to Jesus and to others.

The changes that take place in these students’ lives over 10 weeks will affect their faith, family, career and impact for the gospel for the rest of their lives!  You can imagine why a Summer Mission is BY FAR the best thing Cru has to offer!!

Zach will never be the same!

One student, a sophomore named Zach, had just given his life to Jesus back in December and is the only Christian in his family.  He had a conversation with his mom during the “Killing the Giants” week (a week dedicated to taking monster steps of faith, with an emphasis on bringing up spiritual conversations with the closest or most difficult people in our lives).  He broke down in tears as he shared that his mom basically told him how she’d seen his life change so much recently and that she wanted to learn more about Jesus and this new part of Zach’s life!  

Last year, Zach and 2,881 of his classmates shared the gospel with 63,733 people across at least 40 different countries.  They saw 5,373 new brothers and sisters saved from destruction and added to the family of God!  Please pray for our students and missionaries all over the world this Summer and for the generations in each nation that will be reached because of their faithfulness.

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