Empowering the Missionaries

5,000 missionaries at the last Cru staff conference

What if you had the chance to impact the spread of the gospel by engaging with 5,000 missionaries in one week?  What would you want them to know that would cascade down through all their ministries around the nation and the generations of people they will disciple and lead to Jesus?  This is a very real opportunity as Jeff prepares for our upcoming staff conference in Colorado.  With your help, we believe God will use us to shape the future of the world through these influential men and women!  When we think of this opportunity, we think of folks like Brian and Christina. 

Brian & Christina w the kids

     For the last 9 years, God has used them to reach students at University of Southern California with the love of Jesus, but last year God opened their eyes to the 83 other campuses in their city, a scope way beyond their imagination, and certainly beyond their reach.  Jeff helped Brian and Christina meet churches around many of those campuses that God had placed perfectly to make an impact on students.  Brian and Christina have the heart and skills while local churches, like that of Pastor Kevyn’s here, have members willing to invest their time in discipling young people.  Some of these churches are now sharing the gospel on campus every week, and Jeff was invited to train Brian and Christina’s entire team.  Now, they are trusting for student leaders on all 84 campuses by the end of next year!

Steve Douglass, president of Cru

Jeff is already thrilled to worship alongside missionaries like Brian and Christina at our staff conference, learn about what God is doing throughout the ministry, be challenged by Bible teachers as they take us into God’s Word and hear from our leadership as they share where God is taking us in the next few years (see videos/audio from last time).  But, we’re also charged up with the opportunity to awaken more fellow missionaries to the importance of partnering.

Our family!

In order for Jeff to attend this conference (including travel, meals and a place to stay as well as some medical bills we’ve incurred—Praise God that Karen’s headaches have improved) we need your help! Would you give toward this need with a SPECIAL GIFT of any amount?  We can’t wait to tell some of the life-changing stories we’ll have from this summer at Cru19! Pray with us and follow along at Cru.org/Cru19.

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