What God’s Been Teaching Us

     Last week we met with some friends who are witnessing to their community by hosting a weekly board game night.  People who claim they would “catch fire” if they ever entered a church building are opening up to them about real struggles in their lives, and one man recently put his trust in Jesus.  Our friends have been thrilled to see God use something they enjoy to reach people who would be out of reach otherwise.

     The encounter reminded us of when we first discovered the idea of doing ministry in the “stride of life.”  I think most of us tend to think that ministry is something we have to block time away from our daily life to do.  A few years ago, our supervisor gave a talk about living missionally.  We learned that most people who discover Jesus first become friends with a Christian whom they come to trust.  Building trust comes naturally when we spend time with people.  How can we build those kinds of trust relationships?  He pointed out that a common interest can be a great place to start.

     As followers of Christ, we are called to eat with the tax collectors and sinners just as He did.  Who are those people in your life?  Your family, coworkers, neighbors?  Ministry isn’t primarily an event we do with our church while we’re “on duty,” but in the stride of our life, sprinkling the light of the gospel on those we care about.

     Not close with any non-Christians right now?  What’s something you like to do?  Sports?  Gardening?  Books?  It may be intimidating to carve time out for “ministry,” but what about something you’ve been wanting to do anyway?  Try doing it hand in hand with our Lord for His glory.

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