God Moved at our Staff Conference

I have to admit, I’m always a little intimidated to fly across the country and live in a college dorm again with 5 thousand of my fellow missionaries.  I always encounter the Lord at this staff conference, but the introverted part of me can be overwhelmed.

Steve Sellers, US Dir of Cru, links arms across the auditorium to demonstrate our need for each other.

     When I get there, though, it is like a family reunion.  So many people I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside in storming the gates of Hell on college campuses across the nation, and so many more stories of how Jesus transforms lives in even the darkest of places!

     This conference, I was looking for opportunities to make friends with more Cru staff who have not yet discovered the power of partnering with local churches.  It is amazing how God brought them to me, often when I wasn’t even looking.  One man named Jeff from San Diego found me during a break and was full of questions, saying God had been putting this on his heart.  Another couple was introduced to me in the dining hall when one of our national directors spotted me and dragged me over to the table saying, “this is the guy you’re looking for!”  I looked down to see they had already written my name in their journal :).

     My favorite moments, though, were meeting up with Will, Ryan and Joel.  All three of these guys were students with Cru at campuses I helped launch and are now full-time missionaries!

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