Club Fair

   No doubt about it, the first weeks of school are the most important for reaching new students. Watch this video from the perspective of our Rutgers student leaders (pictured right):

     Micah (pictured below) was a new student last year. He met a Cru student, Kevin, the first week of school during a freshman outreach. Micah told Kevin he grew up as a pastor’s kid and knew “all that church stuff,” but wasn’t sure he believed it all…

     Kevin discipled Micah almost weekly that whole semester, but was discouraged that he hadn’t seen any “improvement” in Micah knowing Jesus. It was humbling, realizing his own efforts alone were not enough. Micah came back from Christmas break hungry for what the Bible said and desiring to be in community with other Christians, but shared that his girlfriend was making decisions that were putting Micah at a crossroads to either follow her or follow Christ.

     Two weeks later, Micah said that after church he was sobbing on his knees and asking Jesus to be Lord of his life. He broke up with his girlfriend and decided to go on a Cru Summer Mission at Walt Disney World here in Orlando! Here, he got to witness to coworkers from around the world. Micah is back on campus now  and God has been revealing a gifting for evangelism. Pray for Micah and for this year’s freshmen!

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