Key Volunteer Challenge

Have an hour to walk on a campus and want to see God do something amazing? This is a strategy that God has used to start gospel avalanches all over the world!

Pray: Nothing of eternal significance is going to happen unless God moves. Before you talk to students about God, talk to God about students.

Speak Up: The best way I’ve found to get people’s attention as they’re passing by is to say “excuse me.” You might follow that up with something like, “could you help me out?” Here, watch this video to hear what to do next.

Challenge: If they’re not a Christian, or they are, but are not interested in leading, they are not the one you’re looking for right now. Feel free to exchange info if they want to and plug them in later, but you are looking for the students who will lead this movement right now.

If they ARE feeling the call to reach their campus for Christ, ask if they can take a few minutes with you to talk about what God might want to do. Then, take them through the exercise in this video below.

If the student has been on board through this conversation, get them to text you or you text them so you can follow up. Just working through the vision and contacts they filled out can empower them to launch a whole movement on their campus (and sometimes more than one campus)! Here’s a video about what those follow-up meetings can look like.

This process can ultimately lead to a whole movement. Here’s a video with some vision.

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