Fall Retreat

   Megan and Paulina had never been to Cru or met anyone involved. Yet, somehow they decided to go to Fall Retreat last year. How did that happen?

     “My mom saw a Facebook post and told me about it. She said she’d completely pay for me and a friend to go.” So, Megan invited Paulina, whom she had recently met in class. Megan and Paulina got into a car with Elizabeth, one of the Cru student leaders, and drove up the mountain to Fall Retreat. They quickly connected with Elizabeth and others at the retreat, and they found themselves understanding the gospel more deeply through the guest speakers’ talks from Romans 8. They also saw the need to spread the gospel at their school. Back on campus, Megan and Paulina became a fixture at Cru events.

     Elizabeth asked if they would like to be part of a discipleship group she would lead.  She was super nervous because she had never mentored or discipled anybody before, but Megan and Paulina immediately said “yes.”

     Elizabeth reported that “each of them are eager to go out and share their faith with other students. It’ll be a priority every week!”  Elizabeth’s hope is that the girls she is discipling would start their own discipleship group this semester with other girls who are looking to grow in their faith. This multiplication is something that we want to see happen on every campus.

     Please pray with us that Megan and Paulina would mentor others, and that Fall Retreats happening all over the US this month would see similar transformation.  We’re so grateful for partners like you helping us make disciples on every campus!

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