When Work Isn’t a Chore

     “Jeff, I thank God for you because God has used you to help me see that sharing our faith doesn’t have to be forced.”  This note from a pastor in NYC was so encouraging, a signpost that the work that Karen and I are doing is truly having an impact, not just on individuals but entire churches.

    We’ve been praying with and equipping pastors all across the country in how to reach, evangelize, and empower college students in their local areas.  We explain that ministry doesn’t have to be an activity that you switch on and off, or make extra time for in your schedule.  We can find communities that are part of our natural interests and live Christ to people in the stride of our life.

     For students, that might be with their dorm-mates, teammates, or people in a club they enjoy.  For other folks it could be breaking bread with seekers in a home group Bible study, making friends at the office, playground, or fishing hole.  I’d love to hear others echo this pastor’s words. “You’ve helped me see that when we’re open to welcoming others into our lives and willing to enter their world, God causes it to happen naturally.  We make new friends too!”

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