Ministers in Los Angeles

  Another beautiful result of going to Southern California was the chance to reconnect with some of the incredible people there. I was able to have lunch with Keith, who has been working (and praying) in the entertainment world of Hollywood for over 40 years. His commitment to excellence and supernatural contentment have opened opportunities to minister to those who influence the world through movies, TV, and music. Please pray for Keith as he continues to stand in the gap in a mission field that is spiritually quite intense.

   Others special to my heart are those of Eric C’s family. I first met Eric when he contacted us to launch Cru at his college. Since running for Jesus on his campus, Eric has graduated and become a city engineer.

   Eric has welcomed me into his family with open arms. His mother, Monica, is a sweet hostess to me when I stay in town. His brothers, Kenneth and Luis, love asking advice about discipleship and praying with me. His father, Raphael, blesses me with long conversations, overcoming language barriers to pour into each other what God has taught us and how He has shown up in our own unique life stories. Please pray for Eric and his family to continue to grow and shine!

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