Pastor Jesse and Sarah are
expecting their first baby!

   This month, I got a call that set me on a whole adventure with a city I had barely thought about before.  Pastor Jesse contacted me from Jacksonville saying that he and his church want to partner with Cru at the University of North Florida.  They are a passionate, discipleship-oriented church with a real heart to empower students to reach their schools. 

     I checked in with the local Cru team there, and found that in the whole city we were down to only one missionary, Robert, who is part-time and only about a year outside of college himself. He was thrilled to have local churches get involved!

Robert from Cru at UNF

     It was a perfect match and Robert has already begun taking Pastor Jesse and his team out sharing the gospel on campus. I’ve since been able to plug in 4 more churches around the city, with the potential for several more.  We sent an expedition team to surface student leaders at several other colleges in Jacksonville, and are going to coach them and these churches how to launch new gospel movements!

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