3 Tools for Digital Evangelism

During a time when people are forced apart because of the COVID-19 virus, my team at Cru put together resources and training to help people do discipleship and evangelism from their computer. I was tasked with the evangelism piece and I interviewed the designers of these 3 awesome tools!

I. With friends/family: From Barry Warren of Perspective Cards

    • Ask them the SOMETIME question.  Maybe script it like:
      • “I know it’s tough to be isolated but…
      • sometime I’d love to do like a video chat with you…
      • I wanna hear about your perspective on deep life stuff
    • Review the MyPerspectiveCardResults.com website and download the app
      • Read the backs of the Christian cards that have white arrows on them
      • Consider how your own story matches those Christian cards
    • Set up a video chat and send the link.  Have them click “next” and say something like…
      • I’d love to get your thoughts on… (the current topic).  Which card best represents your view?
      • Tell me more about that?
      • What brought you to that belief?
    • BONUS: Follow along in the app and put stars on the cards they choose.  Then, you can send them their results afterward.
    • After you’ve heard and dialogued about each of their choices, go back to the Christian cards of each topic (click the white arrow in the top-right) and say something like…
      • I’d love to get your thoughts on my perspective too (or what the Bible says)
      • What do you find easy or difficult to believe about this view of… ?
    • As the Lord leads, invite them to consider one of the prayers.
  • AFTER:
    • Learn about the different roles you can take in your friend’s life as a CoJourner
    • BONUS: If you sent them their results from the app, click on it yourself and look for what articles there (or on EveryStudent.com) are relevant to share with them over time and continue to “get their thoughts.”

II. With new people: From Marilyn Adamson of EveryStudent.com

  • Browse https://www.everystudent.info/fb/twitter.html or EveryStudent.com (~800 people per day accept Jesus while on this website).  Make note of the various topics and read a few articles that seem relevant to you.
    • Consider sharing articles in your social media channels, saying something like “this encouraged me when I really needed it today!”
  • Reach out to people in your “friends” lists in Social Media or meet people in online communities you enjoy (sports teams, marvel movies, etc).  Ask them…
    • How are these circumstances affecting you personally and how I be praying for you?
    • What helps you cope with the stress? 
    • Did you grow up believing in God or part of a church?  What about now?
    • I’ve been learning some things about God that have really encouraged me through all this.  Would you mind if I shared (an article, or this website, or my story, etc)?

III. As a group: From Kyle Yates of Voke

  • Download the Voke App and Choose Your Adventure (video series)
  • Create a Group (maybe the Freshmen, or your small group), then share your 6-digit Adventure Code to add students to your Voke Group in seconds.
  • Pick a time you will all watch the first video and discuss.  Though you can all watch the video and answer the question at your own time, it can feel even warmer to see the responses coming in in real-time.  Try Doodle for scheduling availablility.  Rinse and repeat with the rest of the series at your chosen pace (weekly, daily, etc).
  • Challenge them to take a group of people through an adventure themselves (dorm floor, sports team, etc).


Our Digital Ministry experts have put together a great variety of training and resource options. Browse this page and find where you’d like them to engage with you and your community.

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