A New Way of Ministry

     Around the world, thousands of our college missionaries are off balance with the COVID-19 crisis, separated from the students they’ve been discipling and from the campus mission field to which they’ve been called. It is an interesting time for our team, however, who is used to coaching students all over the world over the phone and internet.

     This month, I was part of a 4-person team that coached 93 of our ministry leaders in how to prepare and run digital discipleship calls, virtual bible study tips, and 3 tools for sharing the gospel online (with strangers, friends, and as a group).  The recording has been circulating through grateful staff who have never considered ministry in this format before, and God has been conspicuously involved–we had already recently been preparing a training page for our staff on distance coaching! 

     One tool I want to highlight with you is Voke.  Originally designed as an app to help teenagers share gospel videos with their non-Christian friends, they’ve now developed group video studies with a communal space for answering discussion questions.  This has been an awesome tool for youth groups, especially while they are unable to meet directly, and puts evangelism into the hearts of those who’ve never considered it before.

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