Preparing our Youth

   One joy this spring has been training a new team member (Mark on the bottom right), who has been learning the ropes of equipping and partnering with churches. He has a big vision to see Cru students return to their home church youth groups to let the high schoolers know what to expect when they get to campus (some of the dangers as well as how God can use them). Our goal is to create a training package so Cru around the country can bless local churches.

     We’re starting with a few cases, and Ezer and Ryan are an awesome pair of Guinea pigs :).  Ezer tried to tell Ryan about Jesus when they were in high school.  When Ezer got to college, he discovered that Ryan (a year older) had put his faith in Jesus and gotten highly involved in Cru! Now the two of them are excited to share their story and experiences in churches to help high schoolers stay strong in running for Jesus now and when they get to college. Would you pray for Ezer, Ryan, and the others stepping up to be used by God, and for the next generation of upcoming students they are trying to reach?

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