Reaching New Jersey

   “I can find comfort and solace that the Lord loves me for the girl who I am, and I don’t have to prove myself to be worldly to be cool for the Lord.”  This was the revelation Lily discovered when she accepted Christ with Cru at Rutgers.  Our team there has been serving with the Lord to empower students like Lily on 25 campuses this year, teaching them how to know Christ and make Him known in this incredibly influential area.

     This month, the NJ team hosted their vision fellowship dinner (online due to the virus).  You can click here to see Lily share her story and hear from the leaders of the NJ team share about their vision to make Christ fully known on every campus (over 60 in the state).  Please join us in praying for these missionary and student warriors, and consider giving to them as well for materials to help reach next Fall’s freshmen with the gospel.

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