Prayer Walking Campuses Online

     Around the world, God’s people are putting aside their differences to bind together, in answer to Jesus’ prayer in John 17:20, and bring the gospel to every corner of society.  Here in the US, Cru has been working in greater unity with other Christ-centered campus ministries to prayer walk every single college by the end of 2020, and take steps toward launching gospel movements where there are none.

     Though we can’t get out on the campuses right now, we’ve been developing a strategy to “prayer walk” schools together online.  As part of that development, I’ve gotten to adopt a few of the unreached campuses in NJ and “playtest” this online prayer walk strategy. 

     I had the wonderful opportunity to connect with dear friends Tom and Nancy (below) as they showed me around all the facilities of a campus where she studied and he teaches!  What an incredible blessing to hear the inside scoop on what goes on at a school where we’ve had a difficult time getting started.

     Please pray for us as we work with Tom and Nancy to build a network of churches around the campus who can empower Christian students and professors at this beautiful little community of future world leaders.

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