I think we’ve all needed to shift the way we do things because of the pandemic, and some of that has been incredibly difficult.  On the other hand, there have been lots of unexpected opportunities to see God work!

     Our family tries to get outside just about every day now, to stay in shape and to keep from going stir crazy.  We have met so many neighbors, and deepened relationships with several more.  One home near us contains a very friendly family who follow a Middle-Eastern religion you’ve probably heard of, and I’ve been getting pretty deep in faith discussions with the husband.

     He pointed out how his scriptures teach that Jesus was a prophet, but not God, and how they think Christians are polytheists (like Greek mythology).  Though they believe Jesus never sinned, they also believe he never died but was taken up to heaven.  They think our Bible was somehow distorted to add the godhood of Jesus.

     I pointed out how we have manuscripts from the Bible that date back earlier than the birth of his religion, and how even Roman and Jewish historians point out that Jesus’ disciples worshipped him as God and even died rather than recant that they witnessed His resurrection from the dead.  He has been asking gospel questions since then!  Please pray for “K,” his wife “Y,” and their kids!

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