For a sermon series, we’ve been focusing on what God is like.  AW Tozer said that no people group has risen above its “idea of God.” CS Lewis, however, contended that what God thinks of us is more important, which is true (after all, our salvation is founded in the fact that God considered His rebellious creations valuable enough to redeem at the cost of His Son). 

     Bill Bright brought these two thoughts together beautifully.  Using an airplane as an analogy, he said, “our feelings of confidence or fear do not affect the ability of the jet to transport us, [but] they do affect how much we enjoy the trip.” In other words, having all our doctrine right may not affect whether we are saved from Hell, but a poor view of God can leave us stressed out, thinking we’ve got to perform for His approval, or that pain and failure means we need to try harder or give up.  In fact, Dr. Bright believed that “we can trace all our human problems to our view of God.”  He spent the latter years of his life focused on communicating this message, speaking constantly about the Character of God as well as writing a book to that affect and the commentary for a Study Bible.

     Carrying on his father’s legacy, Brad Bright has devoted his ministry to helping people Discover God and His Character.  Never stop searching the unreachable depths of who God is!

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