Regardless of where anyone reading this falls along the political spectrum, I think it’s obvious to all of us that there is a lot of hurt, anger, and division going on in our nation. All of us are wrestling with the Lord about what the source of all this is, what our leaders and churches should do, and what we as individuals can do to “Love God… and love your neighbor” in this situation (Mark 12:30-31).

     This has been the cry of my heart, as I have become more and more aware of the pain being experienced by those made in God’s image. “What can I do?” We were so blessed to be able to join pastors, the commissioner, county sheriff, the mayor, and the city police chief in what one pastor said was “not a march. This is not a demonstration. This is not a protest. This is a walk to mourn those who have been the victim of injustice in our nation. We must mourn together to heal together.” You can see this beautiful video of what God did.  We invited our kids to join us, who both felt God tell them to go, and we were so proud of them for listening and following cheerfully.

     Walking for a day is great, but what next? Executive director of Cru Inner City wrote a great article in which his primary personal challenges are to:

· Listen (neighbors and friends of color—here’s my best friend’s perspective),

· Learn (history of racism from a historian & theologian with the Colson Center)

· Mourn (article on biblical mourning)

I am still learning, and praying, and growing. May God lead us all to His perfect Oneness (John 17)

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