Back to School?

     Most years, our biggest opportunity to reach new students comes on Freshman week, where club fair tables and a flurry of social activities invite first-year students into the beautiful community of God on campus.

     This year is different. Just as the high school class of 2020 did not get prom or graduation, they are also not getting Freshman week because of COVID-19.  

     But God has not forgotten them and neither have we! We are teaming up with InterVarsity and about 60 other college ministries in an online event called BACK-TO-SCHOOL on August 6, during which I’ll be able to engage directly with new students across the US! We are asking God to: 

1. capture interest of college-bound Christians

2. plug them in with churches and ministries who will 

3. empower them to run with Jesus in His rescue mission to their classmates.

Please pray for this event and tell others about it! Pray for God to move among the many students this year who will have a completely different experience of college!

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