Summer Missions?

The Mission has Moved Online

   Though the 200 or so summer mission trips our students usually attend were cancelled due to the virus, the 106k students and faculty involved in Cru haven’t been idle. 

     Students connected with our missionaries online this summer, learning how to study the Bible, walk in the Spirit, fight for purity, share testimonies, and start spiritual conversations. 

     Ana from RVCC said, “In the busyness of life, my times alone with God have felt less substantial than before but, listening to the talk, I learned you can’t give what you don’t have.  Any moment, I could be called to spread the Gospel in some way, so I need to make sure I’m receiving so that I can fully give to others. Receiving involves resting in a relationship with God and relying on Him.”

     During one weekly meeting, they spent time in breakout rooms where they prayed specifically for two of the people they know who don’t know Jesus, and then sent messages to them to meet up (face-to-face or virtually). A great many were able to set up times to share with their friends. For some it was the first time they had ever really done that. 

     Even while ministering in their homes and online, Cru in the US has seen more than 44 thousand people put their faith in Christ so far this year!

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