At the beginning of the month, we were blessed to team up with other ministries and influential leaders to encourage new students in reaching their campus for Christ.  One of my favorite student testimonies was from Jabin, the student body president who was inspired to launch a new ministry DURING the quarantine! 

     Jabin reports: “I always knew that I needed it for myself, but I never thought that I would be the one to start it. When campus was closed, we were all in isolation, so I connected with a few friends and we just started connecting with each other in God’s word.  Shortly after we started the group, the video started circulating of George Floyd… Our nation is at an even greater crisis than we thought. One night, we stayed on this call for over four hours, talking about feelings, being in the Word, and seeing what God had to say to us in that moment.

     We started connecting with students from different campuses, with friends and family, anyone who needed a group like this. We were able to expand to other cities and states with students who need a community on their campus that doesn’t exist. We’re seeing God’s glory be revealed through all of this.”

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