Hundreds of thousands of people visited our sites during the event above, and hundreds asked to be contacted.  I got to respond to any who were listed as church leaders instead of students, which led to an awesome conversation with dear Ginny (below). 

     Ginny is not someone you’d expect to see attending a college event or signing up to launch a campus, but God is not turned away by outward appearance, and I praise God He has given us eyes to see the power in people like her as well.  Ginny has several grandchildren who are running for Jesus at different colleges.  She substitutes in 10 school districts, and volunteers with her youth group. 

     She has traveled the world with her youth group on mission trips, counseling young ladies who really need a mentor.  She also travels the state, ministering to students right in the public schools, and her students form little hearts with their hands whenever they see her.  What a powerhouse!

     Would you pray for Ginny as she tries to connect her youth pastor to our high school ministry, joins our educators initiative, and equips her graduating youth and grandchildren to be a light for Jesus in college?  If you are or know of any more Ginnys out there, let us know!

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