Partner Ministries

   When Jesus prayed (in John 17) that the Church be united as one, He knew we’d each bring different gifts to the body. I am so thankful that we don’t rely only on those “inside Cru” to shepherd students toward God’s mission in their lives. One great example of a powerful partnership is Sherri, who runs Her organization’s role is to do all the research for parents, pastors, and soon-to-be college students to find out what churches and Christian communities are near each campus that could be a good fit for students to get involved in. Hear what one student’s mother, Anne, had to say…

     You said one time that who college students meet their first few weeks on campus can define their experience. We found that to be true and, because I knew where to help direct Katherine (who was interested in getting involved but not necessarily begging for ideas), she was able to plug in right away.  We went to church together during move-in weekend and she continued to go there all three years.  She has grown tremendously in her faith in college and has been able to get the best of both worlds — the resources of a large public university with a rich spiritual life and Christian discipleship.  

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