Cru and the Church

   Karen and I have always had the heart to bless the united body of Christ, so we are constantly on the lookout for ways Cru can be a resource to local churches. That’s why I was totally thrilled to participate in the Sent 6:7 training program this month. Imagine a team of incredibly experienced missionaries (who have planted churches and spread the gospel in some of the most hostile environments around the world) now dedicating themselves to work full-time with church leaders and volunteers in order to build and rebuild churches right here in the states with that same evangelistic heart. These folks are my heroes!

     All of their resources are freely accessible to everyone on their website, but the care and attention they put into the training and the ongoing coaching groups they offer is staggering. While a lot of their material was familiar to me (starting spiritual conversations, relying on the Holy Spirit, discipleship, and multiplication), I learned a lot of new things as well (like 3-Thirds Bible Studies and Oikos mapping).  What if every church in the US was trained and equipped like this???

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