Winter Conference

Marveline sharing how God grew her at Winter Conference

     One advantage to being online has been the opportunity to bring student leaders together from college campuses around the country to encourage one another (a meeting we call Cru Live). Last month, a student named Marveline shared about how God used the Cru Winter Conference to grow her walk with God to the next level. Most of these students don’t realize that they’re part of something much bigger than their own group until they step into a room with a thousand others who are passionate about reaching their own campus for Christ.

Though we can’t gather this year in person, that same online benefit can draw many to the Winter Conference that wouldn’t have been able to attend otherwise.

     With powerful speakers, and an incredible list of seminar topics, young people will be able to sharpen each other while learning how to walk with God in the face of temptation, anxiety, social media, etc. They’ll grow in biblical literacy, proclaiming Jesus boldly, and loving their neighbors on & off campus. Pray for these thousands of students!

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