Call to Prayer

     Our supervisor asked us all to put out a special call to prayer this month. He quoted Hudson Taylor by saying, “The Lord Jesus, [in] this year of very peculiar trial from almost every quarter, does make my heart well up and overflow with His love. He knows what separations and… He so wonderfully makes all loss gain!”  God is the one bringing about His purposes and, while we have seen Him at work, Karen and I long for doors to open that we cannot open ourselves. In this season, students are reticent, confused, or anxious, and restrictions about gathering keep us from some of our traditional approaches.

Would you consider praying with us for these specific requests over the next month?

1. That every one of our campuses would have someone attend our virtual Winter Conference, Feb. 6-7

2. For students to grow in a deepening passion for Jesus.

3. That students would have a greater sense of God calling them to be salt and light on their campuses.

4. For established ministries to see new breakthroughs in evangelism and discipleship on their campuses.

5. That our monthly gathering of leaders for vision and equipping would grow to include most of our campuses.

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