Praise God for Jane!

Jane came to Christ through Cru!

   Jane picked her name when she came to America for college.  Her Chinese name illustrated her father’s desire to have had a son instead of a daughter, but she said that “the whole philosophy of my life was that I can control everything in my life because I am the god of my life.” 

     God had different plans for her, though, and the roommate assigned to her invited her to be part of our international student ministry called Bridges.  She came to a campout and became very curious about God.  Even when COVID came to America, and we moved to online, Jane stayed involved. 

     One Zoom meeting, they went through the prodigal son story and talked about how Jesus can cover your shame. She said, “if God knows about our desires, why don’t I just trust Him to lead me.”  She discovered that Jane means “God is Gracious,” and praises the Lord that God has been watching her whole life!

     Watch Jane share her own story here, and please pray for the many internationals who are discovering Jesus through Bridges!  If you or your church would like to reach international students, please let us know 🙂

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